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With more than 30 years of pizza experience, D+POS provides the most robust and feature-rich point-of-sale solution available today.

  • Full Featured Order Entry System
  • Bullet-proof Cash Handling and Management
  • Intelligent Kitchen Management
  • Complete Ideal and Actual Inventory Control
  • Integrated Labor and Employee Management
  • Intelligent Dispatching and Driver Tracking
  • Customer Marketing and Notifications

order entry Order Entry
  • Biometric, ID card or password security
  • User-defined delivery zones and delivery charges
  • Automatic promise time calculation
  • Real-time prep shows CSRs exactly how much product is available to sell
  • In-store and above-store notifications alert staff of product shortages
  • Completely integrated with D+CallCenter
  • Customer display shows the customer exactly what the CSR is ringing in and displays advertisements

cash handling Cash Handling
  • Full EMV support with P2PE reduces PCI compliance scope
  • Employee reporting by shift
  • Multiple currency support
  • Customer charge accounts
  • Roaming employees can take a cash drawer to another location
  • Real-time alerts warn upper management of shortages or failure to do safe drops

  • Ability to print Make/Ready/Discard labels for all products
  • Supports sticky label printing for MRD labels and food tickets in the kitchen
  • Real-time alerts remind/alert managers of problem areas
  • Configurable dashboard displays sales, upsell & delivery metrics in real-time

Kitchen Management
  • Complete paperless kitchen display system with comprehensive workflow routing
  • Flexible mix-and-match options between keypad and touch screen KDS
  • Up to 10 kitchen areas for workflows
  • Ability to set the color of each menu item and topping displayed
  • Can display the recipe amounts/ingredient list of each item ordered
  • Touch screen KDS supports bumping individual line items as well as the entire ticket
  • Capable of showing items ordered in real-time for Quick Service environments
  • Drive-thru and expeditor station support
  • Intelligent Kitchen analyzes kitchen performance, driver availability, and traffic to insure customers get the best possible product

inventory management Inventory Management
  • Complete inventory system
  • Recipes calculate ideal usage amounts based on actual sales
  • Variance reports
  • Suggested order amounts are automatically calculated
  • Integrated ordering and receiving through major food vendors
  • D+Analytics provides exception reports and intelligent monitoring

employee management Employee Management
  • Payroll reports available at store-level and customized payroll exports generated from D+Analytics
  • Multiple pay rates and job descriptions per employee
  • All system access controlled by employee security
  • Full employee onboarding integration with major vendors
  • Fully integrated employee scheduler with above store approvals
  • Employee messaging system allows managers to communicate with employee through POS messages/alerts

dispatching and driver tracking Dispatching and Driver Tracking
  • Tracks production times, time waiting for driver, trip times and estimated mileage per trip
  • Multiple driver commission options including flat rate, percentage of sales, actual miles driven, and day/night shift guaranteed minimums
  • Best route mapping and turn by turn directions available to drivers before they leave the store
  • Delivery item reminders remind drivers not to forget drinks, salads, etc.
  • Intelligent dispatching groups orders for best customer experience

Customer Marketing and Notifications
  • Customer Carryout Board with configurable advertisements displays the status of all pick-up orders in the waiting area
  • Customer alerts via e-mail or SMS message and GPS tracking let customers see exactly when their order will arrive
  • Intelligent e-mail marketing